Unique Browsing and Machine Learning

Gesture-Based "Voting"

Quick swipes for “yes” and “no” mean you can view more products, quicker without accidentally scrolling past that perfect ensemble.

Closet Customization

A perfect look or outfit is only perfect if you can make it your own. Adding looks to your closet gives you the opportunity to break down the look to elements (shoes, pants, shirts, outer-layer) which you can then swap out to take a great look and make it even better.

Human Clustering engine

No, it’s not some Huxleyesque dystopian comparison engine, but your social graph can help us determine items that you are more likely to enjoy.

Just another way for us to get to know the real you, on a deeper level.

What's it all mean?

Faster search and better recommendations based on your personal tastes, voting history, and connected friends.

It’s like a menu designed to your tastes, but the chef will cook to order.

You’re dripping in swag juice, my friend. ‘Nuff said.

Simple Browsing, Simple Purchasing - Simply Better.

With one swipe, a consumer is able to pre-shop the entire look (vs. one item), only one step from look to cart.

Users have the ability to alter the looks and build their own unique style. The current inventory can be shopped and users can share their created outfits with the world.

Personal Shoppers never bring a single item to a customer.
Why should your digital commerce experience?

Full looks not single items

Full Looks are added to the fitting room/cart allowing the consumer to remove or modify the items they don’t like, versus having to hunt for the items they do!

Single Swipe Check Out

Innovative Single Swipe Check Out (SSCO) takes the hassle out of fumbling around with small icons on handheld devices.

Better analytics. Deeper insight.

Sugesture provides insights about your customer never before available

  • Predictive Looks/Items by Human Cluster
  • Top Items (Based on Closet/Cart) (Swipes)
  • Trending items and colors
  • Average Looks/Collections viewing/swipes
  • Conversion Analytics
  • Time spent/actions
  • Customer lifetime value (showing incremental conversions based on recco engine)

  • Top searches